Going Through Separation: Family Lawyers Could Help

While it is not the wish of many couples to have a broken family, there are some relationships that are better off ending in divorce. When conflicts within the family happen, many couples choose to wait instead of getting the services of lawyers in North Sydney. But, when the problem has escalated, many of these cram to find a suitable one.

Nobody wishes for his/her marriage to end up in a fiasco. However, when problems are already affecting the other members of the family and counseling no longer helps, maybe it’s about time to reflect if it is still worth keeping the family together. When going through a tough situation such as this, family attorneys can help you several ways. Here’s how:


In divorce mediation, the couples will be working with a neutral party and it so happens that the best candidate for this is your friendly attorney. Why? Not only should the mediator be neutral about the concerns of the affected parties; this person should also be knowledgeable of the family law and who is better qualified for this other than the lawyers in North Sydney?

Mediation is said to have a lot of benefits. Those who go through divorce using this process are likely to have an expedited agreement, it’s more peaceful on the part of the children, and better long-term relationship with your ex to name a few.

Collaborative Divorce

With a collaborative divorce, each of the partners will be working with their own attorneys. Each will be meeting with them separately until both can come up to a settlement agreement. Aside from the financial aspect, your lawyers can also recommend a therapist to help both of you through the child custody or deal with emotional wounds that involve family matters. This is less of a headache compared to the traditional litigation process.

Litigated Divorce

This is the traditional form of divorce where a lawsuit is involved. While this could be considered the messiest form of divorce, most couples end up using this process anyway because most often than not, divorce is only agreed upon by one of the parties, not both. This is recommended when full cooperation of both parties is out of the question.

In a way, lawyers in North Sydney are help for families who are going through a rough time. They can be your counselor and at the same time, your friend during a separation.

Sometimes, family or marital conflicts can’t be avoided. Worse, when it leads to legal battles. If that’s the case, consult http://www.familylawyersdw.com.au/.

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