5 Characteristics of a Good Marriage Counselor

A marriage that’s falling apart can only hope for the best with the help of the right people. If you are looking for a marriage counselor that will help you and your spouse to get back on track of mindfulness, here are some traits you must look for:

Well-Trained. Practice makes perfect, as they say. That is why you need to check on the portfolio of your prospective counselor and make sure it has enough to show off with same cases as yours. You sure would not want some newbie, at least in the field of marriage counseling to facilitate your second chance at everlasting love, at mindfulness, and being one in spirit, mind, and body.

Integrity. It is very important that your marriage counselor have integrity on the work that he/she does. That is one of the best ways to ensure that he/she will be working with your best interests at heart and not that of an insurance company or any other’s welfare. It’s your mindfulness that has to be at the forefront and nothing more.

Leadership. Someone who could take charge of the situation is the one that you need to reinstate your marriage and put it back in order. You do not want a sweet-talker who would be too careful to tell you or your partner you need help for anxiety just because he/she does not want to lose a client. Again, every move has to be for your welfare and that for your marriage. Things have to be said, no matter how it may hurt your feelings in the process.

Patience. The counseling session could take a toll on everyone’s sanity, including that of your marriage counselor. At some point, he/she may be pushed to the wall. No matter what, your marriage counselor must not lose cool about the situation. The process may be difficult to explore but with the proper guidance, all of you should get there without a doubt.

Good Listening Skills. A counselor could not throw tantrums as you or your spouse does, too. He/she must have ears ready to hear both sides thoroughly so it can be told clearly if any of you need help for bipolar disorder or some sort. Nothing can be resolved if all of you within the marriage counseling session will just talk and talk and talk. Someone has to do the listening and that is exactly the role of the counselor.

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