Experience Sydney’s Farmer’s Market

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Whenever I travel, I always look forward checking out what the local markets have to offer. The fresh produce simply amazes me, especially if there is a unique product that is not abundant in my hometown. Going around the fruit market in Sydney made me happy. There are a lot of exciting varieties available. It is a travel experience on its own.

Visiting a farmer’s market, which features a variety of products from the local farmers, is a great way to experience Sydney at its best. You will not only get to see the quality they produce but will also be able to support their livelihood. There are plenty of schedules to scout if you are after any fruit market in Sydney. Check out this lineup:

Bondi Farmer’s Market

You will love Bondi even more if you time your visit on Saturdays 8am to 1pm. This is when the local produce populates a spot in Bondi Beach Public School. There are a lot of treats on offer, especially fresh fruits, making it one of the most loved fruit market in Sydney. There are seasonal farm produce available sold as is or in juice form among others.

Frenches Forest Market

Held at Parkway Hotel every Sundays from 8am to 1pm, the Frenches Forest Market is the biggest source of organic fruits and vegetables in Sydney. It is frequented by foreign guests, most especially, since there are lots of artisan stalls that could keep them amused over long periods of time. It is one of the well loved Sydney fruits markets, with a long list of fine produce available.

Hunter Street Mall Market

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, this huge market area in Central CBD at Hunter Street is always bustling with shoppers, local and tourists alike. There is a wide array of fresh produce, gourmet offers, and amazing food joints to choose from. There is also a selection of crafts as well as plants for those who have the green thumb.

Sydney’s farmer’s markets are such a joy. They have a wide variety of goods available; each stall is enveloped with excitement. You will be pretty amazed with what you are going to get next. They are not only about the freshest organic produce but also about the local lifestyle that you will start to discover as you start roaming around the stalls. If in case going out is too much of a task for you, don’t worry. There are also fruit and veg delivery available all over Sydney. There’s no reason for you to miss the city’s bounty.

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