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At one point or another, you have been a serial dieter, just like me. That’s for sure. We all go through a phase when we think we are not fit enough to be hot. So we resort to strict food rules that will permit us to achieve the to-die-for body we keep watching on TV. Well, guess what, we (that means, you and I) have been doing it wrong all along. I discovered this as I was rushed to the ER some time ago over a bad case of starvation. You sure would not want the same incident to happen to you before you spring up on the right track.

This blog was created all because of that. I don’t want anybody to go through the same ordeal just to realize that being healthy is not about ignoring food altogether. It’s merely about your attitude towards food and how you do the whole nine yards towards a healthier lifestyle.

Food guides and more

To get you started, I am sharing some of the things I have learned while I was under close monitoring by a medical professional. My dietician shared lots of useful tips and tricks that we can all find useful in this battle between a piece of cake and leafy greens or similar battles here and there.

I will give you delightful insights on healthy recipes that will make you feel less deprived and more satisfied. I will let you have a clear grasp on your behavior towards food by developing the right habits, until you learn to make healthy living your lifestyle.

There’s no excuse for loving food. They say those who love to eat are the best. And, I am not the one to tell you to stop being your best. However, there are some adjustments you need to make in order to keep a striking balance between loving food and loving life; eating and healthy living; and dieting without guilt.

Been there, done that

How could I be instrumental in such a battle? That’s simple. I know how it’s like to juggle between the things you love and the things you need to do to be right. Surprise, surprise! You can love food all you want and be healthy at the same time. You can squeeze in fitness into your busy lives, whether you are a young mom shepherding cutie kids or a corporate hottie trying to find your way to the top. Through my ramblings, I can help you live a healthy a happy life and be at your most fabulous without jeopardizing your wellness, which should be the point of all your efforts.

Apart from food and healthy eating habits, I also touch on topics about fitness, on overcoming stress, and on how to lessen your risk on common health problems. I also have guidelines on natural remedies for common illnesses, practically everything you need to learn to make sure your body and mind are in perfect shape.

You see, being healthy does not only cover the physical aspects. Your emotional and mental health counts, too. That’s the mantra we want you to replay over and over, as you go your daily life.

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