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Ten Amazing Fruits

The story

In an ordinary town, in a typical detached house, where everything seemed to be quite normal, everyday and usual, rather interesting and extraordinary events took place. That house, which was mentioned above, belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Green. The Greens had three children. One of them, Lotty, was a pretty 7-year-old girl. The next day Lotty was going to have a lovely birthday party with lots of guests, presents, flowers, tasty cakes and, of course, juicy fruits. Mr. Green ordered a lemon, a rouged apple, a peach, a tomato, a sun-like orange, a well-shaped pear, a pineapple, some sweet diminutive cherries and a paunchy watermelon at Fruiterer's.

Having brought the fruits to the house, Mr. Green put the fruits onto a fruit plate. Several minutes later, when he left the room, there were some strange sounds there:

"My dear friends! Save yourselves who can! In an hour Lotty's pals will attack the house and make this plate empty!"

"Don't you mean they will eat us?" – "That's what I wanted to say!" The fruits were shocked and frightened!

There was a murmur and panic among the fruits – yes, you're right - they have became alive! The fruits realized they could speak, cry, and… what's the most pleasant - they could smile!

Oh, dear! All the fruits left the fruit plate one by one!

There was an arm-chair near the table where the plate with the fruits was standing. The first, who left it, was a watermelon. He was afraid of being cracked and chose the way of jumping on to the ordinary chair. So he made their way to leave the plate easier. He was glad just to help his friends. One by one the fruits stood in a form of a pyramid. In this way they helped each other, they helped the smallest and the most fragile fruits to leave the plate, and the table, and the arm-chair.

They ran down a short staircase, treading without sound on a rich carpet of some green material and moved under the staircase. While the fruits were leaving the room, that terrible place, where they could lose their lives, they stumbled over each other, and met with lots of obstacles, as the fruits couldn't see! The fruits realized that they needed eyes!

At last having escaped, all the fruits calmed down – they had found a cosy nook, where every night, if only the sky was strewn with stars, a mystery took place. Do you believe in magicians? The magicians are indeed real. But they make friends only with those, who believe in them and the fruits did. So one day the magician brought a magic box, full of faces! The fruits were absolutely happy!

(Don't you want to help the fruits to find eyesight? They can't be blind any more! They need eyes! They can't be deaf any more! They need ears! They also need noses! They are sure, they will overcome all the obstacles if they have eyes, ears and noses. What you should do is help the poor fruits!)

Ten Amazing Fruits in a nutshell:
  • This game stimulates imagination and develops eye-hand coordination.
  • Controlling and changing the cartoon graphics fascinates children for hours.The different, funny Fruit faces that the children create can be printed or saved to disk.
  • The cartoon graphics are easy to manipulate with a mouse, and the endless variety of cute (Fruit) characters captivates children's attention for hours.
  • Pre-school and kindergarten teachers use the characters that students design as story prompts, for Show-and-Tell language development, and as electronic presentations.
  • Children's oral language improves as they name and describe the characters they design. Children's imagination and higher-order thinking skills improve as they describe the actions they took and as they describe thoughts they held as they created their unique characters.


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